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"We all do better when we all do better."

- Paul Wellstone

Support and invest in Urbandale's teachers

Urbandale has quality educators that attract students
from throughout the metro. It is imperative that we are listening to them, giving them more
independence in their classrooms, increasing their salaries, and providing greater educational
opportunities so they can grow in their profession. We need to offer a greater ability for advancement
and give them the trust that they deserve as professionals. Our teachers have proven their commitment to connecting with our students, educating them, and preparing them for a successful future. They deserve to have the ability, time, and our support to do that.

Advocate for students and public education with lawmakers

Our district sends lobbying
recommendations to the Iowa Association of School Boards each year, but we need to do more. We
need to be more direct in our lobbying; speaking with representatives personally about what is happening in our district, so they have information reflective of the district they represent at the state level. It’s essential to demonstrate how under funding education can hurt our district, our students, and our community. It also provides for more direct examples of programs that are successful and could be
implemented statewide.

Encourage innovation and equity in the district

As our district ages, our buildings will need to be updated and adaptable for both changes in technology and changes in how we educate. I want to make
sure that we are nimble and able to adapt in an ever-changing future. We need to be equitable across the district with financing and opportunities through a student-focused lens. It is crucial we consider the different challenges our students face so that each of them can reach their full potential and have the skills necessary to succeed.

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